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  • you guys are all having this huge debate over pugs and time playing TF2 when the only real issue I see you guys bringing up is that people might confuse the Faceit ranking as an indicator of skill level, when it does not directly indicate anything.

    As long as the Faceit ranking is proplerly marked as such, there should be no issue whatsoever what your Face-it ranking is. You can already view people’s relative skill rankings though other means already available on RGL profiles. Want to see how well a player does? Check their RGL history, UGC, ESEA, ETF2L. You can view thier profiles and check how well they did in those matches, Damange, kills, etc.

    This faceit thing is hugely overblown. Just move the rank from next to the username, to below the user information or sidebar.


    I will add as a side note, its very easy to verify how much time someone spends playing games just by checking their steam profiles. And I highly doubt there are more than a handful of users that are limited to 6 hours and do not play tf2 or other video games at all. IMO its more of an issue with commitment which everyone should know TF2 players, or more specifically HL players, do not have.

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  • LHTF2 Update #2

    There will be a deadline of 2/1/22 for all new team registration. If you intend to sign up a team but cannot register or pay before that deadline please reach out to us so we can see about making an arrangement for you. Spectator passes will remain open for purchase online, and will still be available day of the event or in person.

    Currently we have all of the top teams in NA fully registered (froyotech, Witness Gaming, Like a G6) plus a few fan favorites (Ford Gaming, Portland Burnsiders), with more in the process of confirming (RoS, Global Clan, etc) for a total of ~10 teams. Because we are going to have so many teams there will likely not be many open PCs for drop-ins/rentals until late in the evening on day 1. If you want to guarantee yourself a 0-ping experience, be sure to get a team together and signed up for the tournament.

    Buy team passes and spectator passes here:

    Team + LFT Spreadsheet:

    Ruleset, Plugins, Configs
    All matches will be played with RGL rules, and RGL map list (TBD), except where specified otherwise.

    There will be no halftimes. Teams will be encouraged to use their tactical pauses between rounds instead.

    KOTH matches will be played first to 4.

    5CP matches will be played with the Improved Round Timer and Improved Match Timer plugins. The specific settings of each are as follows:

    • Round timer will be set to 3 minutes (resetting each time a point is captured).
    • Match timer will be 30 minutes, but if neither team scores 5 points by then, the winlimit will be reduced to the current highest score plus 1 (ex: After 30 mins, the score is 3-1, so the winlimit will be set to 4 and the match will only end when a team scores 4 points).

    These settings are meant to reduce prolonged stalemates, and to eliminate undesirable effects of traditional timelimit formats (parking the bus as a winning strategy, stifled comebacks, garbage time, anticlimactic match endings, etc). These plugins are available now on servers rented from for you to practice with (select Enable Plugins and rgl_6s_5cp_improvedtimers).

    alt text

    The plugins can also be downloaded separately from the links below.

    Improved Match Timer:
    Improved Round Timer:
    Combined Pack:

    Logistics/Stream Info
    This will be one of the first events under the “RESUP” banner, to delineate the event organization, production and finances. The on-site production team will be streaming to, covering the headline match at any given moment, but since there may be as many as 4 simultaneous matches at once, we will hope to coordinate with other production teams to cover as many matches as possible on different channels. We are aiming for the on-site casts to have a loose and fun feel with plenty of guest casters and community interaction. We will set up a couple live cams for the stream and also have an event photographer getting pictures of players, teams, and action from the event.

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  • Reminder to please fill out the poll as I have only gotten 35 responses thus far.

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  • Knows how to aim. Good engineer. smells like tangerines.

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  • hopefully we will not repeat the 14 team issue from last season again.

    I honestly would prefer to keep Advanced RR and just move the extra teams to main. That is the obvious consequence of removing challenger in the first place. You cant have heavy competition and also be lax at the same time. At least this issue will be minimized next season if the regular season is expanded.

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  • @Roofon Agreed.

    Main should be the ‘Main’ division, with the most amount of teams and players. Players should be pushing up from the lower divs easily, while having a difficult time escaping it.

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  • Localhost TF2 LAN (LHTF2) Update #1

    Happy New Year! We’ve got some great news about the event to start 2022 off right.

    Team passes and spectator passes are now available:
    Team passes - $300/team
    Spectator passes - $10 1-day, $15 2-day

    In order to purchase a team pass, you will need to create a team and have 6 players rostered. It is fairly straightforward and quick to set up, just have someone register an account and create the team through Nerdstreet’s system ( and then send each player the invite link provided on your team page.

    Teams + LFT Spreadsheet
    To help everyone get a sense of who’s coming to the event, and to help teams form, we put together a spreadsheet of attendees:

    Please reach out to me or reno on Discord (b4nny#0323 / reno#0019) so we can keep the list updated. Individuals looking for teams should tell me their name, desired classes, division, and preferred contact method.

    You can also find the current list of confirmed fully paid attendees (Teams/Spectators) here:

    Sponsorship: VAXEE
    We are happy to welcome our first sponsor of the event, VAXEE! They are a relatively new esports hardware company that consists of many of the original Zowie Gear team, carrying on their legacy of high-end gaming peripherals. The winning team of the tournament will have their choice of 6 VAXEE products: (Winners will need to provide a shipping address, and phone number in order to receive their prize)

    We are in talks with a few more potential sponsors, so stay tuned for more updates.

    RGL Conduct Partnership
    We will be aligning with RGL’s player conduct policies during the event, so any violations of them during the event may result in RGL penalties, and this also means that any player that is RGL banned at the time of the event would not be allowed to participate, either as a player or spectator.

    Next Steps
    Going forward, the top things on our agenda are to spread the word far and wide about this event to get as many people signed up as possible, to flesh out the event ruleset and schedule, to iron out production details, to launch a crowdfunding/merch campaign to benefit the prize pool, and to lock down a couple more sponsors. Things are moving fast, but they are coming together nicely and we are on track for a great event so far.

    As always, please post if you have any further questions or concerns.

    CU@ LHTF2!

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  • @vibeisveryo said in TF2 LAN at Localhost Fullerton (Feb 12-13, 2022):

    Is there a requirement for attendees to be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus?

    What other precautions will be taken, independently of county/state/federal laws, to protect attendees from it?

    At this time, there are no additional rules beyond the mask requirement stated in the OP. Should local regulations or venue policies change I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

    @b4nny said in TF2 LAN at Localhost Fullerton (Feb 12-13, 2022):

    COVID Disclaimer:
    In accordance with the venue’s COVID safety policy, face masks are required at all times inside the building. If you have concerns about cancellations, consider getting travel insurance.

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  • @Halo said in TF2 LAN at Localhost Fullerton (Feb 12-13, 2022):

    I’m excited to go as it’s my first lan! CU@

    @camp3r said in TF2 LAN at Localhost Fullerton (Feb 12-13, 2022):

    sign me up! ready to meet some peeps ⛺

    See you guys there! Registration should open on 1/1/22 for you to officially sign up 😉

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