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  • with the grab of Rekabet, we have our full roster. still looking for subs, especially scout subs as we will need one for scrims. danke to all our tryouts, you were great.

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  • I am unable to set it per forum, but I went ahead and increased it to 14 days instead of the default 7.

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  • I am just going to state my opinion, although I do understand wanting to experience maps you haven’t played before.

    bad maps are no longer played for good reasons. I would rather us not waste time and resources re-learning lessons we have already learned years ago.

    new cascade should be tested because its new and has an active developer willing to work with us. we can find new issues and fix them, and add it into the rotation this season.

    None of the other maps will be added back in. because you guys will play them, re-experience the same things as its the same map, and we will repeat this process again in a year.

    No, 5cp and HL isnt fun and will never be fun due to the gamemode’s innate issues with the format. 6’s works with 5cp because 6’s was designed around that gamemode. Vanguard was made with HL in mind iirc and we played it a total of 3 times in UGC(?)

    ramjam is too big of a map for koth and while yes, we haven’t played it since UGC, the issues that were presented to the map developer were ignored and was not fixed. Also don’t use UGC as an example for anything good.

    borneo is a very long map. When your best pick as spy defending last is to sap the teleporter, its a bad map. when your engineer on offence runs full time EE for ez teles, its a bad map. Its the anthesis of vigil with cap times of 10 minutes not being bad.


    Anyone remember badwater_pro? I think we are on version 20 of that map.

    anyone remember barnblitz_pro???

    Again, I understand you guys wanting to experience those maps that you haven’t before, but do them in your in-house pug groups instead.

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  • @perenne said in The RGL Expiremental Map Cup is Being Wasted.:

    someone needs to get some map maker who actually knows what they’re doing and give them millstone and just see what they do to fix that terrible last

    You just want to see Wax do Wax strats again.

    (note: plz no, milstone was not good. Reminder that 1st was just one sniper fight+flank house, second was a throw away because the cap point was stupid forward. Third was a a hard hold. and last was just big, open and dumb.)

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  • picked up Dubthink on solly

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  • Updated, Picked up Godo on spy and Ben on medic.

    We are now focusing on subs.

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  • Looking for some deticated subs. (Scout/Medic)

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  • We have filled our heavy slot, we are now focused on solly MEDIC, and engineer tryouts.

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  • @scaredy-bat that is interesting, might be because the forum orders are customizable and when you browse by tags, you are browsing by the topic and not the replies. I set it to browse by last response for forums, but I cannot set it to do the same per tags.

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  • @scaredy-bat do you have a screenshot of what you are referring to?

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