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  • Team Fortress 2 is going to Atlanta for another DreamHack event! With a 6s BYOC tournament, as well as other activities during the weekend both for TF2 and otherwise, there are plenty of chances to meet, win prizes, and get involved.

    Event Link:

    Venue Address
    Georgia World Congress Center
    285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
    GA 30313

    Start: Friday 18th November
    End: Sunday 20th November


    What is the closest airport to the venue?
    There are a range of airports, both domestic and international available around the Atlanta area, with public transport options downtown.

    What are the available accommodation around the area?
    There are various hotels in and around the venue, with plenty of AirBnB options.

    How can I sit with my team?
    Seat Picker will be live sometime soon, details to come

    Rentals are TBC, but this should be confirmed sometime soon

    Tournament Details
    Tournament details, signup links and everything you need to get registered for the event will come soon.

    Any updates will be posted here, on our Twitter, and over on our Discord. We aim to answer any questions as quickly as possible.


    Essentials Twitter
    Essentials Discord

    DreamHack Website
    DreamHack Discord

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  • alt text
    EssentialsTF is going to DreamHack Dallas. We’ll be there for the whole event (June 3rd – 5th) hosting and producing a range of content which includes some community activities for TF2. We’d love to see some of you there, and if you are or will be going there are a bunch of opportunities to win some money. Our community activities will involve Jumping, MGE, and even Dodgeball! Most of the activities will be accessible to both BYOC and General Admission attendees. Many of our activities will be accessible through the DreamHack freeplay booth so even if you don’t bring your computer, you can still take part.

    If there are several people that would be going, there is a chance that we can run some competitive tournaments (Ultiduo, 4s, etc.) with prizes. If you are attending, please reach out on the Essentials Discord to let us know. We may be interested in one or more of you helping for some of our competitions. We aim to have a meetup of all the TF2 gamers so it’ll be great to hear from anyone turning up.

    We have a discount code for 30% off BYOC tickets so if you are going to buy a BYOC ticket use the code: DHDAL22TF2BYOC

    Activities List:

    • Jumping – Per day, players will have a chance to post the fastest time on a Jump map. Top 3 times will receive $100 each.
    • MGE – Various competitions will be held throughout the event; winners of these competitions will receive $25 each.
    • Dodgeball – Either team or solo single elim bracket, winner of the tournament will receive $50 each.

    We will also be holding a clip competition for the duration of the event, where winners will be announced at the end of the event. Submit your biggest plays, jump runs, or pub tf2 moments for a chance of winning one of 5 $50 prizes.

    Throughout the event we’ll be running some streams over on our EssentialsTF twitch channel. Schedules for this will be announced soon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

    Besides that, we hope to cu@!

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    We are happy to announce that DreamHack Community Clash is back! On May 21-22 & 28-29th, we will be hosting an online tournament for North American teams. Signups for this tournament are now live! There is also another announcement on its way sometime soon, so stay tuned…

    This is the event thread for this tournament sponsored by DreamHack and organised by EssentialsTF. Details about the event will be posted here when available, so any questions place any questions here. We will try to answer all questions promptly. I would encourage any teams interested to check out the tournament pages which contains all the relevant details about the event, but also keep an eye on our twitter page and Clash.TF for updates:

    All matches are played using the Unity Cup Config (30min match/5min round timers; Winlimit 5; Continuous Overtime - +1 rule; Bo3 KOTH) and RGL Whitelists.

    EssentialsTF Discord

    Invite Qualifiers:
    Up to 6 Teams will make up our invite groups. If there are enough teams (aka more than 6) that want to play Invite we will run Invite Qualifiers from 16-20th May.

    Structure of the qualifiers will be small round robin groups which you can play and schedule freely within the week prior to signups closing.

    12 Team Cap

    Registration ends 15th May @ 1 am EDT.


    Main Tournament:
    Signups start 26th April and end 20th May @ 1 am EDT
    21-22nd May: Invite Round Robin and Open Swiss (Bo1), Group Tiebreakers (Bo1) and first stage of Playoffs (Bo3).
    28-29th May: Double Elimination Bracket (Bo3 with Bo5 Grand Finals)

    Prize Pool

    1. $1,200
    2. $600
    3. $420
    4. $240


    There is a soft region lock, no teams can have more than 3 players from a region that is not North America without admin approval. Feel free to reach out to admins through the Essentials Discord.

    Schedule (EDT) – Subject to Change

    21st May
    Open Round 1 – 16:00
    Invite Round 1 & Open Round 2 – 17:00
    Invite Round 2 & Open Round 3 – 18:00
    Invite Round 3 & Open Round 4 – 19:00

    22nd May
    Invite Round 4 & Open Round 5 – 16:00
    Invite Round 5 & Open Round 6 – 17:00
    Tiebreaker Rounds – 18:00
    UB Round 1 & LB Round 2 – 18:45

    28th May
    UB Round 2 & LB Round 2 – 16:00
    LB Round 3 – 18:15
    UB Finals & LB Round 4 – 20:30

    29th May
    LB Round 5 – 16:00
    LB Finals – 18:15
    Grand Finals (Bo5) – 20:30

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    "After much deliberation we’ve ended up at the hard decision of cancelling DreamHack Anaheim 2022 due to the increased difficulties in hosting the event in the qualitative manner we strived for.

    For more info please read the full statement:"

    Measures should now be in place for people to get refunds if they have purchased a ticket. We will assist where possible although any queries regarding the refunding process should be directed towards DreamHack first, as we have no involvement on that side.

    With that being said, we will continue to monitor the COVID situation to determine when and where it is safe to bring LAN back to the global TF2 audience. If you are aware of any events, organisers, or venues that you believe could be a place for a viable and sustainable LAN competition please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of the EssentialsTF team leads.

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  • It’s with a heavy heart that due to rising COVID cases both domestically and internationally, DreamHack will be announcing that DreamHack Anaheim will be cancelled. It is a frustrating announcement to have to make, but the safety of those around us has to take priority. This has been a very recent development and was something we were not aware of or expecting. The North American scene has long waited for a LAN that anyone can turn up to, whether they have took part in the Newbie Drive or have been topping the Invite leaderboards. We really wanted this to be the start, but that beginning has to be put on hold.

    For those that have already purchased tickets, I have been assured that there will be full refunds available and we will let you know when this is ready. We will work with them to ensure that anyone that has spent money on this event gets a full reimbursement.

    In the meantime we will look into some online events that could be run in its stead. LAN is not off the table, but plans are currently on hold.

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  • |Take the survey here|

    The post-season survey is our primary tool in guiding league changes and administration, so this is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. Submissions are open until August 27th, 11:59 PM ET

    Staff Applications and Openings

    Join North America’s largest TF2 league, with spots currently open for:

    • League Admin or Moderator (6s/Highlander/Prolander)
    • Forum or Discord Mod
    • Graphics
    • Casting Producers
    • Casters
    • Video Editors
    • Guide Writers
    • PUG Runners

    |Apply here|

    Prize Pool Distribution

    The following is the prize pool split for Season 6, the total pool is $13,938:

    alt text

    RGL Article Link:

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  • i think i got three HL medals for season 6, between generating the massive list of steam ids and the whole distribution process this kinda thing just happens sometimes

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  • yogrrt brings the yogHURT

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