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  • and as an added bonus, here is round one. Showing all the initial votes.

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  • you guys are all having this huge debate over pugs and time playing TF2 when the only real issue I see you guys bringing up is that people might confuse the Faceit ranking as an indicator of skill level, when it does not directly indicate anything.

    As long as the Faceit ranking is proplerly marked as such, there should be no issue whatsoever what your Face-it ranking is. You can already view people’s relative skill rankings though other means already available on RGL profiles. Want to see how well a player does? Check their RGL history, UGC, ESEA, ETF2L. You can view thier profiles and check how well they did in those matches, Damange, kills, etc.

    This faceit thing is hugely overblown. Just move the rank from next to the username, to below the user information or sidebar.


    I will add as a side note, its very easy to verify how much time someone spends playing games just by checking their steam profiles. And I highly doubt there are more than a handful of users that are limited to 6 hours and do not play tf2 or other video games at all. IMO its more of an issue with commitment which everyone should know TF2 players, or more specifically HL players, do not have.

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  • Reminder to please fill out the poll as I have only gotten 35 responses thus far.

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  • Knows how to aim. Good engineer. smells like tangerines.

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  • hopefully we will not repeat the 14 team issue from last season again.

    I honestly would prefer to keep Advanced RR and just move the extra teams to main. That is the obvious consequence of removing challenger in the first place. You cant have heavy competition and also be lax at the same time. At least this issue will be minimized next season if the regular season is expanded.

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  • @Roofon Agreed.

    Main should be the ‘Main’ division, with the most amount of teams and players. Players should be pushing up from the lower divs easily, while having a difficult time escaping it.

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  • Its off-season again, and I am once again doing my regularly scheduled Favorite Map Poll.

    The way this works is simple, you will rank, in order from favorite to least favorite, all the maps available to play currently for highlander. I will be leaving this poll up for one (1) Week.

    After the one week is up, I will release the results of the poll along with a comparison to the previous polls we did to show changes in opinion over time.

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  • longer seasons mean bigger RR divisions, so less higher skilled teams in lower divs, and hopefully more competitive divs overall (in Adv., Main, & Invite) but only time will tell.

    With the summer season starting at the beginning of June, that is the season to really look forward to the most in regards to growth and improvement. Just to list all the changes coming to HL based off this and previous surveys for Season 12:

    • Longer Seasons

      • More maps. Which is a mixed bag with Borneo and Lakeside/Cascade being the most viable options to be added for those additional weeks.
        • Theoretically we could add cp_rapids, but that would require a ton of testing from the HL community and @theatreTECHIE putting in a ton of work so it could be ready within the next 5 months.
    • Possible paid divs with prizepools below Invite

      • IM prizepools and more legitimacy as a format is always welcome.
    • Break between regular season and playoffs.

      • this is actually really important for planning and coordination, and can help bring hype to the playoff matches
    • Refresh maps becoming more mainstream.

      • Who needs valve, when we can just do it ourselves? [insert thanos meme here]

    I am very happy to see a lot of these results and optimism towards the HL team if they can properly push this format forward.

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