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    nominations open for #19, deadline is tommorow night.

    this strawpoll is for coach’s corner #20. it will be another live interview where we revisit one of our past interviewees. it takes alot for me to figure & plan out these sort of stuff, so it will take me a long while to do it. thank you. deadline for the poll will be when i open up reader submitted questions for #19.

    that being said…

    alt text

    Coach’s Corner will be hosting it’s first $20 Fortnite Card giveaway! We’ll be giving away $20 CAD on both the TF.TV & RGL Platforms! $20 for each platform! Share share share!

    To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is post 3 - 5 of your most favourite Coach’s Corner moments! Whether they be pictures, paragraphs, etc. The most upvoted post on each platform will be contacted by the Coach and will be paypal’d or e-transferred $20 CAD! (preferably e transfer if the winner lives in Canada)

    The winner will be announced when Coach’s Corner #19 drops. post or dm me any questions, concerns, hate, etc.


    List of common questions:

    Q: Can I win on both platforms and get both prizes?

    A: You can post on both platforms with the same post to double your chances of winning but unfortunately I will only allow you to get one platform’s prize.

    Q: I’m a socially awkward anime kid, and I find winning this giveaway to be impossible. This contest isn’t fair for me because other people have mad clout and get 50 upvotes per post. Fix this you cringe kid. NOW!

    A: You will get upvotes based off the quality of your post and/or how many people in the community likes you. If you’re constantly avoiding other people and deleting people who would want to be your friend off steam or some silly stuff like that, no one is gonna want to upvote your post probably. You should go make some friends, people in this community aren’t as nefarious as you think.

    Q: I have about 100 burner accounts that I can use to upvote my post and also I have no friends. Am I disqualified?

    A: naw i dont really care that much lol besides its not like i can prove it or anything.

    Q: Why should I even post? I’m not even going to win anyway.

    A: It’s not about the money, I just think if it’s something you enjoy a whole lot it would be neat to show other people your favorite moments and laugh. This entire thing is entertainment anyway. And if you do decide to post, thank you, I appreciate it.

    I’d like to say that after Coach’s Corner #20, I’ll be taking a break from Coach’s Corner. I’m getting kinda burnt out from doing it, and while I’ve taken breaks in the past, I was always working on something behind the scenes whether its planning jokes, specials, scouring pictures, consulting with my interns, etc. While I still enjoy it, after doing it for like 9 months I’m not enjoying it as much. I’ll definitely do some specials whenever something big in the community happens where it warrants an interview, but otherwise I won’t be doing anything Coach’s Corner-related for the next while. I can’t tell you how long I’ll be taking my break but I’ll (probably) be back for a season 2 of Coach’s Corner of sorts.

    I’ve decided to do this giveaway as a sort of “thank you” to the community. I’m not the wealthiest person, but during a majority of the epidemic I’ve been able to go to work mostly 6 - 7 days a week and I think it’s good to count your blessings. I don’t know alot of people and I sure as hell don’t actively play this game, but I know all of you are going through your own struggles: losing a job, home life, anxieties, trouble making friends, whatever it may be. And some of you may play this game to escape those struggles or to interact with like minded people, and even maybe read my interviews to get a laugh. Regardless though, I’m happy that all of you enjoy my interview series and read what I had to say (even though it’s straight up dumb as fuck lol) and my interactions with the people in the community. Regardless of how much of a troll I am or how much shittalk comes out of my mouth, I’m very grateful that you guys read my shit, it’s an honor. Thank you, really.

    also free up my broski pablo he deserves to get unbanned

  • im not giving myself the money or any stupid stuff like that, these are 2 of my favourite moments.

    this is from coach’s corner #8. some background info: odb and i been reading through interviews asking people to shittalk. since the 2nd edition people would refrain from talking shit which made the interviews a little lackluster for my taste (no disrespect tho im just talking my own personal preference). after so many interviews, i didnt think spu would shittalk anyone but odb told me he definitely has the balls to. i was proven wrong.

    im not gonna lie i was dead when spu sent that first paragraph lol.

    idk if that posts up a timestamp (21:14)

    some more background info: while doing research on galaxy spy i tried to read out the third ban appeal he sent in and i couldn’t read the entire thing without laughing. so i asked bowl if he could read it and he did it perfectly on his first try. so we decided he would read it when the livestream came on. when the stream came on tho, even a man like bowl of mayo broke character and started laughing. thats when u know something is funny as hell.

    at least i found this funny af idk about u guys

  • a90af674-9bcc-4db9-b7c2-8a0fa09762d3-image.png



    It was all worth it. this interview was gold

  • wrong. i think coach should be able to veto interview nominations that he thinks might be Dry.

  • any1 can be interviewed if they want. whether high level or low level, i dont really mind. some people just aint really got much to say.


    poll is open for coach’s corner #19. deadline will be wednesday night when i come back from work.

    i fixed the poll for coach’s corner #20. sorry about that fellas.

  • here are my favorite moments from coachs corner, shoutout to nial for being a goat



  • @eeriegk I have a proposition for you, add me back on steam

  • my favorite coaches corner moments were the #10 live interview, the wish_z interview, interviews with teammates like jjslim or figsy, and the habib/skeez interviews

    the live interview obviously because while it was very funny and not the most serious aspect, there was a lot of planning involved and it looked like it took a lot of work
    the wishz interview cuz he said my team was good shoutout to the boy
    i love my teammates because they are my friends so of course i like their interviews
    and the habib/skeez interviews were really funny because both of them were very natural in their conversation, they didnt sound like they were trying to force anything, it was just them hanging out which made for a good read

  • yo sorry about that fellas

    alt text

    aim won the interview, deadline for reader submitted questions will be saturday night. dont cross the line.

    alt text

    for coach’s corner #20, exaflamer won the poll. unfortunately due to scheduling circumstances exaflamer said he wont be able to join us for a live revisit so instead Spu will be the 1 getting a live revisit. ill get to work on this and get back to u fellas on when we will air this.


    the winners of the giveaway are RegularTim for TF.TV & perenne for the RGL forums. i will get into contact with the winners & distribute the guap.

    as i stated before i will be taking a undetermined break after the #20 special so no new poll. thank you again fellas.

    ill also update the original post for writeups on the past people who got interviewed (skeez, davidredface & aim)

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