Show Me Your Gaming Setup, Peripherals, and TF2 Settings: The Sequel

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  • based Canadian Flag
    Based Canadian Flag

    Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero (Wired)
    Mousepad: Corsair Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat
    Keyboard: Corsair K68 Keyboard
    Headphones: Audio Technica M30x
    Microphone: Blue Yeti Snowball on a boom arm
    Monitor1: ASUS 27" 144Hz monitor
    Monitor2: ASUS 27" 60hz Monitor

    TF2 Sens: 1.28
    Beer on desk: Molson Canadian
    too lazy to list the rest

  • tf2setup.jpg

    Mouse: zowie fk1
    Mousepad: qck heavy, diamond position 🔶, ran in dryer on high heat 1 hour before every scrim/match
    Keyboard: rosewill apollo cherry red
    Headphones: apple earbuds
    Microphone: quite literally half ✂ of a logitech g430
    Monitor1: benq 144 hz, roughly 15 inches from face

    Barstool high table + stool, two side tables around legs:
    Let’s me lock my legs between the two side desks which lets me get like a cockpit, seatbelt type feeling and it really lets me put a lot more force into my arm and wrist, which is how i like to aim with my clawgrip, while still having my body stabilized for consistency !

    TF2 Sens: 4.7
    Inch/360: 8.7

    beer: magic hat #9

  • i approve of drinks being part of this setup list

  • Mouse: HK Gaming Mira S
    Keyboard: Ducky One w/ Tai-Hao PBT caps
    Pad: Zowie GSR-SE
    Monitor: Alienware 240hz idk the model and don’t wanna look it up
    Headphones: Philips X2
    Mic: Blue Snowball iCE

    TF2 sensitivity: 1.275 1600dpi
    Hud: m0rehud w/ different font
    Any extras?: povohats accel, can’t exactly remember the settings probably something like 1.6 sens cap, .03 something accel, .5545 post-scale sens. ends up being anywhere between 15"-5"/360. do not fuck with this shit unless u don’t mind tweaking settings and adjusting for literally months until it’s comfortable. for me it feels more natural but it took me so long to adjust that i don’t even know if it was worth it LOL

  • 20201203_130408_1.jpg

    Tower: pcpartpicker list
    Mice: Main - SteelSeries Rival 600 (unmodded), Trying out - Corsair Ironclaw RGB (modded).
    Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK XXL
    Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex m750 TKL
    Headsets: Turtle Beach Elite Pro, I have a HyperX Cloud Alpha on standby since the elite pros are getting quite beaten up.
    Microphone: Blue Yeti, may use the Cloud Alpha mic for convenience in the future.
    Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG258q, 2 Acer 60Hz monitors (no space for 2nd, so using it at work)

    Resolution: 1920x1080 at 240 Hz
    Fullscreen?: Yes
    TF2 sensitivity: 3.14 at 800 dpi
    Graphics config: Mastercomfig Medium-Low with modules making the game look good.
    Hud: Personal edit of Rayshud, looking into Voidhud now.

    Any extras?:
    -I like dragons.
    -I game with 2 hand towels on the left, one cushioning the elbow and the other cushioning the wrist. I’ve also recently started wearing a 6" long wristband on my left wrist. Seems to be working in regards to protecting my ulnar nerve, which I’ve had problems with in the past.
    -Corsair Ironclaw RGB mods: I modded the Ironclaw to under 100g by removing unnecessary screws and profile/dpi switch buttons since I don’t use them, desoldering the unused switches from the PCB, drilling holes in the chassis and sanding the raised mouse button ends down. So far I’m liking the Ironclaw, but only after modding it.
    -Not pictured: My guitars and musical instruments, which I consider part of my setup, just not for gaming. Can post if people really want to see them. 😉

  • setup7.jpg

    Going for that warm glow vibe

    Mouse: Logitech G203 Lightsync
    Mousepad: Cmhoo XL mousepad (cheap and no ugly branding!)
    Keyboard: white Pok3r RGB with cherry mx browns & white POM Jelly keycaps and a cute cable
    Headphones: I think they’re Sony MDR-100AAPs? I got them as a gift years ago and they’re falling apart now but have served me well in the meantime
    Microphone: Blue Yeti (also a gift!)
    Monitor: Acer XF240H — cheap 144 hz fine for games but the colours are awful and the stand is ugly

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Fullscreen?: yes
    TF2 sensitivity: 2.05 in-game, 1300 dpi (I don’t know either)
    Graphics config: mastercomfig low
    Hud: ahud shoutout to nokk

    Any extras?:

    • Plants! 🌿 From left to right: Dieffenbachia (lookin kinda sad if anyone has any tips hmu), spider plant, pothos. Not pictured: old & dying jade plant, a new crassula -something, snake plant, creeping aloe, and a kleinia stapeliiformis & one kleinia cutting that I’m failing to propagate
    • Zero-waste hydration!
    • Artwork: Risograph calendar, clay & wood mushroom sculptures, a painting, a postcard from a friend, a hand-made clay bowl, and a quail my mom embroidered for me 😄
    • bffl music ❤
    • Romeo ❤

    Wishlist for future upgrades:

    • Monitor arm
    • Mic arm & pop filter??
    • New headphones
    • More glow
    • An actual footrest instead of cardboard box
    • One day I will cable manage properly
  • 20200614_204205.jpg

    Monitor 1: ASUS VS239H-P 23" Full HD 1920x1080 (144)
    Monitor 2: Don’t remember, some average 60hz Asus monitor
    Keyboard: Ducky One 2 RGB LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard
    Mouse: Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition
    Headset + Microphone: CORSAIR Void PRO
    Desk: FlexiSpot EN1B-R5528B Electric Height Adjustable Desk, 55 x 28 Inches

    Resolution: 1920 by 1080, Fullscreen
    Sensitivity: 600 DPI with 1.06 in game (around 26 inches/360)
    Hud: Broesel
    Config: Comanglia

    Mumble/Discord voice is set to V
    Undisguise bind sit to Middle Mouse
    Loadout Preset A (b4nny bind) set to Shift
    Kill bind set to F
    Everything else is stock

    Extra: I use a VTF crosshair switcher

    That’s about it!

  • setup2020.jpg
    from top to bottom:

    • monitor #1 (ASUS VH238H; 1920x1080)
    • monitor #2 (Samsung SyncMaster 910T; 1280x1024)
    • dual monitor stand (VIVO STAND-V002)
    • pride flag (pansexual pride babyyy)
    • mic stand (Samson MK-10)
    • studio mic (MXL 770)
    • headset (XIBERIA K9)
    • $2.00 in mostly nickels
    • keyboard (Dell L20U)
    • mouse (HAVIT HV-MS745 (1200 DPI; 3.00 in tf2))
    • mousepad (HOFUNTI HS-780)
    • desk (from Facebook Marketplace lol)
    • studio headphones (Sennheiser HD 280 Pro)
    • USB hub (Plugable USB3-HUB7C)
    • PC (specs below)
    • mic looper (TC Helicon Ditto)

    PC specs:

    • case CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 (took off the front cover)
    • os Windows 7 Professional
    • motherboard GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2
    • cpu AMD FX-4300 Quad Core
    • gpu NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    • drive Crucial MX300 525GB SATA SSD

    tf2 specs:

    • nvidiaInspector “Blocky Textures LOD Tweak” (from the stabby everything pack)
    • windowed, noborder, dxlevel 81 + lots of other little tweaks
    • 7HUD (
    • Comanglia’s config
    • mumble/discord PTT is LEFT SHIFT or MOUSE3
    • tf2 PTT is LEFT ALT (“voice_enable 0” like 98% of the time tho)
    • weapons are Q, E, and F, or mouse wheel (R for medic)
    • bind “v” “voicemenu 2 4” (generic voiceline to disguise sandvich eating)
    • kill bind is “]”
  • pc.png

    Mouse: logitech g403 hero
    Mousepad: Ktrio XX-Large (31.5 x 15.7 in, Black)
    Keyboard: bloody b930
    Headphones: Maono AU-MH601
    Microphone: Fifine k669b
    Monitor 1 (right): viewsonic xg2402
    Monitor 2 (left): asus vx238??? (i dont remember the model its old tho)

    Resolution: 1920x1080 fullscreen exclusive
    sensitivity: sniper, spy, scout, engi - 1.5 @ 800 dpi
    solly, pyro, demo, heavy, medic - 2.0 @ 800 dpi
    Graphics config: mastercomfig low
    Hud: flawhud
    clovervideas captions

    pc specs
    cpu: ryzen 5 2600
    gpu: gtx 1660 super
    ram: 16gb @ 3200mhz
    the rest doesn’t really matter and i forget the model numbers so im not putting my case and mobo in this list

  • G502 with all the weights, 144Hz main monitor, 60Hz secondary monitor.20210108_164253.jpg

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