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  • LFP Advanced - Most classes

    Hi this is Mothership. Team “In Da Hoop” (Team name is a work in progress) is looking for skilled and dedicated players for HL season 9!

    We are trying to make a mature team with a good atmosphere. We do team map reviews, demo reviews, and of course scrims every week. In addition we will be having an optional non-tf2 related game night every week to take off the edge. Don’t let the fun aspects fool you though, as we are competitive tryhards in nature and will try our best to constantly seek personal improvement. Our hope is to not be a monkey brained team.

    Currently we’re looking for all classes but Pyro and Demoman.
    The roster is currently as follows:

    Scout - Matches_
    Soldier -
    Pyro - Despy
    Demoman - Mothership
    Heavy -
    Engineer -
    Medic -
    Sniper - Jimsgims
    Spy -

    Thanks for reading! Please ask to tryout if you enjoy a fun, non-toxic, environment!

    Contacts for tryouts via discord:

  • @Mothership ur team name is god tier

  • Non-tf2 related team time sounds like a real good team building activity

  • I’m definitely curious about this “non-related TF2 week”. 🐶

  • Picked up a scout & sniper. we are still LFP for the other classes, so fell free to continue to DM us for tryouts until we have finalized those classes.

    we are also looking for sub spots for all positions.

  • This post is deleted!
  • btw, our main focus right now is heavies and engineers. so if you are interested in either of those two classes, please be sure to DM me or despy.

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