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  • we shared funny gifs during rgl meetings. She is great pick her up.

    Also a part of the RGL Gestapo.

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  • quake and chess goat so u know he has the dm AND the brains

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  • She rang for my team a few times in the past and her arrows are insane.
    Very aware player and knows how to position herself to stay alive!

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  • GG BTM
    most fun match i’ve played all season, tons of fun

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  • Still looking for trials ^_^

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  • kindest team mate: alto
    kindest in general: melon lord
    funniest comms: madringme
    helped you the most: Dragivex, Flankyyy, katryna
    best teammate: catalyst
    most reliable: DZCreeper
    who is just cool: homeless
    most likeable: fallen gourd
    worst setup: jak
    funniest names on steam: cyclowns
    best quotes you have: “I’ve got more hair on my dick than on my face. Do you know how fucked that is.” - flankyyy
    “Even if she says yes I’ve got the fucking Osama Bin Ladin’s beard goin on down there” - flankyyy
    “if I got everything I asked for then sigafoo would be a goat herder in mongolia by now.” -DZCreeper
    “yea im getting some serious anime villain vibes from you, micahlele” - perenne
    too many more quotes to put
    most impressive moment: dog catalyst and DZ 3v9ing Apolodosh on vigil last

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  • le bump
    my #1 priority would be spy in invite. I never thought I’d miss the class so much, but ig that’s what engie does to you…

    I’m gonna hopefully be grinding 6s scout during the next hl season so my scout might be beastly once I can clock in more than 6 hours of tf2 a week.
    I also really like medic! Please try me out medic in invite!

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  • Why can’t my team ever kill his gun… I don’t understand.
    Buttface has shown that even straight out of retirement, he has the DM and gamesense to have a huge impact in matches
    Pick him up!

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