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  • Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to Season 8. I am Constantly, the RGL Highlander Newcomer division admin. I work behind the scenes with the rest of the Highlander admin team to make sure the season runs as smoothly as possible. I am also responsible for Newcomer player approvals and releasing match schedules within the Newcomer division. As we start to reach the halfway point in the regular season, I wanted to provide some reminders for player and team leaders.

    Roster Approvals
    I have received concerns regarding admin approvals. Following the start of the season, all Newcomer team join requests must additionally be approved by the Newcomer Admin or Moderator. I will be checking pending requests every other day. If a Newcomer join request is not approved by Sunday morning, please contact me or djnnseng as soon as possible. All roster transactions must be sent by the player 18 hours prior to the match in order to be considered a rostered player.

    For the concerns regarding who is allowed to participate in Newcomer: I wanted to mention that since Newcomer is the entry division for new players to experience a competitive environment, I am much stricter on who qualifies for the division. Although it’s all case-by-case, generally any players with Intermediate experience or higher are ineligible. I generally do not class restrict within this division. You either qualify or you don’t. If there are any concerns in relation to whether a player qualifies, feel free to reach out to me directly.

    Match Schedules
    Newcomer teams have often rescheduled their matches to dates as late as Friday. To ensure proper swiss-tournament scheduling, all Newcomer teams will need to complete their matches in order for the next set of matches to be scheduled. I will try to have weekly matches released as early as Wednesday. However, if your Newcomer match is not released by Friday night, whether due to rescheduled matches or my personal time restraints, please contact me on Discord as soon as possible.

    Alt Account Flagging
    Another issue that I wanted to address is concerning players being prevented on the site from rostering due to being flagged as an alternative account. Many players are stopped by this every single season, and it’s a necessary measure to ensure that alternative accounts are not active within the league. Any players stopped by the alt detection should open a ticket in the RGL Discord using our support system. This includes messages stating that they are on an alternative account as well as messages notifying that the player has not met the minimum requirements for a division.

    Roster Locks and Reschedule Deadlines
    A quick note that a roster lock will be in place starting March 8th. This means players will no longer be able to join rosters past the deadline. Please make sure all players are rostered before March 8th. This is also the deadline for reschedules for the remainder of points from a Match Forfeit. Any teams trying to reschedule for the remaining match points from a forfeit should do so by March 8th.

    I am here to help newer players as much as possible and to ensure players have an easy entry into Competitive Highlander. If any players need assistance regarding the Newcomer division, feel free to DM Constantly#9508 or the Newcomer Moderator djnnseng#7649 on Discord directly. We can answer any questions, comments, or concerns they might have. Alternatively, we strongly recommend players to utilize our ticketing system in the RGL Discord. Good luck and have fun to all players competing in Season 8!

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  • let kami play spy

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  • if borneo ever returns to the pool, i am telling my leader that i am just not showing up that week. a sub can play for me.

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  • @BoiSlipp said in How is crouch peeking still not addressed?:

    it’s only a matter of time before more good players find out about the bug and find really good ways to abuse it. I am trying to spread awareness about this existing in the first place because many didn’t know about it

    I don’t know about you guys but I feel like basically every advanced/invite sniper knows of the crouch peak and has already determined that its kind of a meme strat. yeah it probably owns in lower levels but that isn’t a result of the peak being good, its a result of the players not being good enough to just play around it. “spreading awareness” just means that lower level players who didn’t know this was a thing are gonna try this out now. this has been a thing for years and hasn’t been banned because it isn’t an actual issue.

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  • As a reminder, Please remember to follow the Forum rules. Flaming will not be tolerated.

    @Jackawa said in How is crouch peeking still not addressed?:

    which mod is nuking my posts

    Off-topic Spam posts that do not contribute to the discussion will be removed.

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  • A good engineer and sponsored 👍

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  • Hey, I’m still taking Engineer mentees
    I’ve been starting to get the hang of Mentoring as well, so it’s a lot cleaner.

    I’ve started using the discord to post things
    I do map reviews weekly(both basic and in-depth), demo reviews every weekend night, post my own scrims/matches, and offer quick support/troubleshooting!

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  • The archive has been updated with the Week 2 STVs. We also updated it last week as well. A few changes/updates is that for this season is that we will be updating the archive every match day now that we are able to publicly access the match STVs due to the new RGL rules. We have also updated the archive to include the qualifier matches from this season.

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  • gg to Vindicators

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  • ggs to everyone on S4rr’s team
    I’m pretty sure that match had everyone on the edge of their seats
    Thanks for such an amazing match

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